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The birth of a Challenge Ventus

The birth of a Challenge Ventus

For Treeker Treks in Leusden we are building 10 Challenge Ventus recumbents. Here is the story of the birth one of these recumbents.

It begins with the mounting of the various individual  components.

ventus opbouw 0


The frame is mounted on the mounting standard and the head tube is milled.

ventus opbouw1

The assembling starts with the headset and front fork.

ventus opbouw 2

Then the handlebar, as you see with all the levers, shifter, brake and shifter cables.

ventus opbouw 3

Next comes the rear swingarm. At this time the outer casings are also fitted.

ventus opbouw 4

The rear wheel and seat are the last items mounted on the work stand. The cables are connected and temporarily adjusted.

ventus opbouw 5

For mounting the boom and chain the recumbent is hung in the bicycle hoist.

ventus opbouw 6

The front boom is cut to length. In this case 3 different sizes are made.

ventus opbouw 7

After mounting the chain, seatpad and out small parts it is ready for many miles.

ventus opbouw 8


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  1. A Challenge Ventus or similar would suit me fine.
    Please put me on your mailing list!

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