Buying a Recumbent



Buying a recumbent bike or trike is different than buying a regular bike. Because there are so many models you’ll soon get overwhelmed. For each (main) purpose there is recumbent that will optimally  suit you

It matters a lot whether you want to take a long vacation trip with lots of luggage or you want to win a race. Especially if it’s your first recumbent is important to consider what you want to do with the recumbent or trike. For example: speed is a big factor when commuting. Most people do not want bike for more than an hour in the morning. For the holiday trip the luggage capacity of the recumbent is an important factor.

In general, the greater the difference between the seat height and the bottom bracket height the faster the recumbent is. This is due to a smaller frontal area. You just catch less wind.

Another major advantage of the recumbent and recumbent trike is the comfort. Because your back is supported in a complete chair instead of a little saddle, saddle pain is a thing of the past. Many people think that your neck will  get sore on a recumbent. However, with the right support of your back and neck, possibly with a headrest, your neck is very relaxed. Because you can look straight ahead you will see a lot more of your surroundings


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