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Building a wheel (part 2)

The next step in building a wheel is the lacing of the spokes. In this step you have the greatest chance to make a mistake. The most common mistake is that there is no room for the valve. In any bicycle wheel, you have three different spaces between adjacent spokes. A small space, a medium-sized spacer, and the most space. You want your valve there where you have the most space. On with small wheels, this is especially important.

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Rebuilt of a challenge hurricane

Rebuilt of a challenge hurricane


There comes a time when your recumbent is at the end of his tether. But what if you’re so attached to it that finding a new love is very difficult. If the frame is in good condition then a rebuilt may be an option. The Challenge Hurricane in this story is such a recumbent. After 12 years of the daily commuter rides this Hurricane tired and worn out . The wheels revolved no longer swingarm wobbles in all directions and the fork only wants to go straight ahead. In short, this recumbent needed a complete overhaul. Below you will find the story of the rebirth of this recumbent.

Hurricane resto

Years of daily rides leaves its marks Continue reading Rebuilt of a challenge hurricane