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Ice Full Fat with assist


Ice Full Fat with assist

Ice Full Fat front vieuw

This Ice Full Fat proves that a rehab recumbent doesn't have to be boring Specially for a costumer with a cerebral hemorrhage we have build this beautiful Ice Full Fat. The costumer wasn't that big so the electric assist couldn't be placed in the bottom bracket. The pedals are placed to wide ( big Q-factor) when the motor is placed there. Specially with short legs this doesn't cycle nice. That is why the Bafang is mounted in the middle of the bike.

Full fat with middrive

The Bafang motor is mounted in the midden. For the weight distribution the ideal place.

Full Fat battery placement

The battery is mount on the other side. Also as low as possible.

Full fat up front

Fat tires will handle any terrain.

Full Fat rear vieuw

A view off the rear with the rohloff and the cockpit

Would you like the motor mounted underneath your trike? The bracket will fit a Fullfat off course. Because the frame of a Adventure or a Adventure HD have the same dimensions the motor will fit on these trikes also. You will need front suspension then. Otherwise you don't have enough ground clearance.  If you have any questions you can contact us to

2 thoughts on “Ice Full Fat with assist

  1. Would this work well on an ICE Sprint? My wife, 68 yo and only 5ft tall, has a mind to get an e-assisted recumbent trike


    1. Hello Trevor,
      On a sprint this would not fit in this way. You would hit the ground with the motor. You can how ever put an motor in the rear wheel or this motor in the place it is intend to be mounted,the bracket axle.

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