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Rebuilt of a challenge hurricane

Rebuilt of a challenge hurricane


There comes a time when your recumbent is at the end of his tether. But what if you’re so attached to it that finding a new love is very difficult. If the frame is in good condition then a rebuilt may be an option. The Challenge Hurricane in this story is such a recumbent. After 12 years of the daily commuter rides this Hurricane tired and worn out . The wheels revolved no longer swingarm wobbles in all directions and the fork only wants to go straight ahead. In short, this recumbent needed a complete overhaul. Below you will find the story of the rebirth of this recumbent.

Hurricane resto

Years of daily rides leaves its marks


Hurricane resto 2

The rear derailleur has taken a beating.


hurricane resto 3

It starts with a complete disassembly

hurricane resto 4

fter years of service everything with a bearing gets a one way ticket to the recycle bin


hurricane resto 5

The front and rear fork have really suffered from salt and brine and are ready for a new color.


hurricane resto 6

After a thorough cleaning and a new color it starts to look like a recumbent.


hurricane resto 7

A nice clean new rear wheel


hurricane resto 8

The chain tube gets an upgraded mounting

Hurricane resto 9

And after some cables and chain there is again a virtually new hurricane

5 thoughts on “Rebuilt of a challenge hurricane

  1. Fantastic. I want one!

  2. How did you stop the swing arm ‘wobble’? Are the swing arm bushings/bearings replaceable?

    I am thinking of purchasing a used Hurricane and I want to make sure I can replace those critical components if they are worn out.


    1. Hello Bob,

      Those are replacable. They are simple bronse bushings

  3. Rather later than probably expected, but I am considering buying one of these with a flat rear tyre. Does this recumbent fit standard bycicle tires (of appropriate size, of course)?

    1. The standaard 20″ or etro 406 will fit

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