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Choosing the right recumbent is a quite the process. Especially if it’s your first, you’ll soon get lost in all the different models  At Ligfietsshop Tempelman you can enjoy a wide range of recumbents and trikes. As with “normal” bikes  for different purposes there is a different recumbent or trike. The first question is what kind off riding are you doing always where you use the recumbent. It makes a big difference if you want to win a race or you just want to ride a trail.



If you know what kind of riding you do then choose from the list below. Off course you can race with a trike and ride a trail with a racing recumbent.


vinkje    Riding a trail

vinkje    Race

vinkje    Biking to your work

vinkje    Trikes and rehab

Recumbent Brands

Do you know which brand you want? Then use the list below. Is your brand is not in the list ? Usually we can get the brand of your choice

vinkje   Alligt

vinkje   Challenge

vinkje   Flevobike

vinkje   Hase

vinkje   Hp Velotechnik

vinkje   Ice

vinkje   Nazca