Alligt Alleweder A6

Alleweder A6

Alleweder A6 ligfiets


The glass fiber Alleweder A6. the interior is almost the same as the Alleweder A4. The exterior is comletely redesigned and made from fiberglass reinforced resin. This exterior is robust, so damage does not incury easily. The alleweder A6 weighs 34 kg. Sandard this velomobile comes with a LED headlight, a battery and a Sram 3×8 sram dualdrive drivetrain.


Specifications Basic version
Frame : Aluminium
Frontwheels : 20″ Suspension
Rearwheels : 20″ Suspension
Brakes : Sturmey archer brakes
Gears : Sram 3×8 Dualdrive
Price from : € 4395,00
Price kit : € 3495,00