Hp Velotechnik Scorpion FX

Scorpion FX

HPvelotechink Scorpion FX


The HP Velotechnik Scorpion FX is the foldable version of the Scorpion recumbent trike. With the higher and more upright seat position an ideal trike for long tours. Offcourse the rear suspension is of the proven No Squat system. With extra luggage and and gear options an ideal touring trike. You can overcome any terrain with this recumbent trike. The folding option makes it easy to take it to a different trail.



Specifications Basic version
Frame : Aluminum
Front wheels : 20″ No suspension
Rear wheel : 20″ With suspension
Brakes : Avid BB7 disk brakes
Gears : Sram 3×8 dualdrive
Starting price : € 3570,00