Rehab recumbents

Rehab recumbents

Recumbents are a good possibility for rehab. If you have a disability you want to keep your freedom. Especially recumbent trikes are wel suited for cycling with a disability. The trike is stable by nature. The posture is that typical bike aches, ig sore back, sore wrists and a sore buttocks, do not occur. The trikes we sell are designed to be driven. Most "standard" rehab bikes are designed around the adaptations. If you already have low power levels you want your bike to ride easily. A much heard comment of our costumers is: I have got my freedom back.



The trikes we sell come in 2 basic configurations. With 2 wheels in the front (tadpole) or 2 wheels in back (delta). What type is best for you, is a personal preference. In general the delta trikes have a more upright and higher seat position. The tadpole trike have a more sporty character and look. The lower the center of gravity is the more stable a trike becomes. All trikes can be easily adapted to your needs.



Since the beginning of Ligfietsshop Tempelman we adapt recumbents and trikes for people with disabilities.  We can put al the controls on one side if you have a single-sided paralysis. On many trikes helping handles can be mounted to aid you in standing up. Fitting a electro assist if you are low on power by e.g. Parkinson is also a possibility.

The models


Hase Kettwiessel

Hase Lepus

Hase Pino

Hase Trets

Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX

Hp Velotechnik Scorpion FS

Ice Adventure

Ice Adventure HD

Ice Sprint