Recumbent for touring

Recumbents for touring

Recumbents for touring


If you are going on a tour with your recumbent speed is less important. The comfort however is important. You want to be able to ride your bike al day long. That is why it is important that you test ride  your future recumbent very well. At Ligfietsshop Tempelman ou can ride all models we have in stock. If you want to ride the bike for longer you can rent them. The price will be deducted if you buy a recumbent afterwards.



A recumbent is very comfortable by nature. Because you lay on the seat with your back sore butt and wrists are a thing of the past.  For ultimate comfort the seat has to fit your back.The riding position doesn't have to be extreme. Most people want to ride more upright. So you have a good view of your surroundings. 



If you go on a bike holiday the luggage capacity is important.  You want to be able to take all stuff with ease. With the special recumbent bags you create a good weight distribution. Especially with recumbents with  26" wheels standard bike bags will work also. If you need it you can mount a special lowrider rack


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